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We are well known Interior Designer in India. We provide exterior and interior designing services in India. If you are looking for the list of best interior Designers in India, we are the best interior designer. We are skilled professionally qualified solution provider.

NS POP INDIA is a single point solution provider to complete all interior designing and construction works with in the time frame with help of highly experienced management team. There are many top reputed consultants, agencies and sub contractors who are associated with us and they are giving their best in interior decoration and construction field so we are giving the quality and client satisfaction. We believe in team work, We have a team of skilled workers for interior decoration and construction works, there are many people in our team who are having more than twenty years of experience in interior decoration and construction field. This team is playing a vital roll in our company they are the key to success because of this team we are able to give quality and client satisfaction they are the backbone of our company. There is no compromise on quality and client satisfaction. We believe in this that perfection comes from practical knowledge and who have practical knowledge they are able to give quality in their work and client satisfaction.Interior decorating is the art of designing the interior of a space to reflect the tastes and needs of the resident. It includes both aesthetic and functional components. Aesthetically, interior decorating involves the careful selection of paint, furniture, fabric, lighting and flooring to create a specific look. Functionally, interior decorators help lay out furniture and other room components to allow easy traffic flow and make the space look larger. While the walls and basic shape of the space are not part of interior decorating, everything that goes within the space is considered a part of this art. Interior decoration is all about furniture, fabrics, colors, textures and styles that are carefully selected to craft a specific look in your home and in each individual room. The same room can look completely different with each combination of interior decoration to satisfy the tastes of the room's occupants, and to provide the most functionality for their lifestyle.